Welcome to My Page!

I created this blog site in service to you.  I hope that the posts on these pages provide inspiration, hope, information, and empowerment.  I wish to share my love of humanity.Allow me to briefly introduce myself:

I am ~Daughter, Sister, Mother, Mental Health  and Education Advocate and Consultant, Professor, Mentor, Volunteer, and Subject Matter Expert on child welfare, juvenile justice and social services.  I love the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Dodgers! ~

I like to blog and post about: Going Green, Spirituality, Mental Illness, Community Psychology, Prevention and Intervention, Social Justice, Advocacy for the Underserved and Oppressed,  all things Purple, Wellness and Wellbeing, Sports, my love for Children & Families, and my African &  American Heritage and Ancestry.

Welcome To My Page!

~Dr. Bree~