R.I.P. Robin Williams

I initially wrote the text below on one of my social media sites.  

“Part of my professional and personal mission is to reduce the disparities of Mental Health services and to reduce the stigma of mental health/mental illness. It is so sad when I hear about anybody who has taken his/her life due to a MH/MI. Please encourage ANYONE you know suffering to reach out! NAMI Urban LA (in Leimert Park) is one place they can go locally to get referrals. There is NO SHAME in seeking services and we shouldn’t see it any different than going to any other health/medical provider! RIP Robin Williams”

-Dr. Bree


Welcome to My Page!

I created this blog site in service to you.  I hope that the posts on these pages provide inspiration, hope, information, and empowerment.  I wish to share my love of humanity.Allow me to briefly introduce myself:

I am ~Daughter, Sister, Mother, Mental Health  and Education Advocate and Consultant, Professor, Mentor, Volunteer, and Subject Matter Expert on child welfare, juvenile justice and social services.  I love the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Dodgers! ~

I like to blog and post about: Going Green, Spirituality, Mental Illness, Community Psychology, Prevention and Intervention, Social Justice, Advocacy for the Underserved and Oppressed,  all things Purple, Wellness and Wellbeing, Sports, my love for Children & Families, and my African &  American Heritage and Ancestry.

Welcome To My Page!

~Dr. Bree~