I’m HIRING a F/T Faculty position in San Jose, CA


If you or anyone you know in the Bay Area are looking for a full-time faculty position, please share this with them.

I am hiring for an Administrative Faculty-Academic Coordinator to serve as a lead in the School of Cultural and Family Psychology (CFP) at our Branch Campus in San Jose. This position will work as an Administrative-Core Faculty helping to build our MA in MFT (with a Trauma Studies Specialization) degree program that started this fall in San Jose. This position will teach a minimum of 3-units per semester in addition to attending (in-person and online) bi-weekly Faculty Senate meetings and Dept. meetings and monthly Academic Affairs meetings. The faculty will report directly to the Associate Dean of the School of Cultural & Family Psychology, with a dotted line to the Campus Dean in San Jose. This position will work closely with the CFP Clinical Training Coordinator to help develop a network of practicum placements site in the San Jose area for students to complete their fieldwork.

Here is a little about our Dept. and MFT programs:

Pacific Oaks’ MFT program provides students with a robust blend of theory and hands-on practice. Graduates are prepared to consider issues of social justice within family systems and to explore how those factors directly impact family dynamics and the mental health of each family member.  Pacific Oaks College is rooted in the principles of inclusion and social justice, and the belief that every individual has unique strengths and potential. The MFT program offers a deeply relational approach to teaching and learning. Just as research has demonstrated that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the single critical factor in producing positive healing outcomes, Pacific Oaks believes that the quality of the academic relationships among students and instructors is the cornerstone of a transformative academic learning experience.  Perhaps most unique, our students also learn by sharing personal stories, and listening to the experiences that have shaped the lives of their classmates. In our safe, inclusive classroom culture, these conversations provide powerfully instructive tools, integrating theory with real-world examples while fostering a profound understanding and respect for the unique identity of every human being. In the words of the Brazilian educator and theorist Paulo Freire, “No one is born fully formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are.” Indeed, our students often say that by learning to understand themselves, they learned to change the world.

Currently the MFT program is offered at the Pasadena campus. The “Traditional” MFT program (including the Latina/o Family Studies, African American Family Studies and Trauma specializations) is offered as a block-schedule program that has a developmental approach and is offered in a morning track and evening track, designed to meet the unique needs of the working student.

  • Trauma Studies: The School of Cultural and Family Psychology believes that the Trauma Studies specialization within a social ecological context is in keeping with our social justice mission that underscores urgent societal issues that have long term disabling effects on the family health, child development and wellbeing. The students in this specialization will develop skills to work in mental health settings, veterans’ hospital, gang intervention programs, continuation schools, immigration detention centers and domestic violence and child abuse centers. In the words of Judith L Herman, “trauma is always embedded in a social structure that permits the abuse and exploitation of a subordinate group.” Unique courses include: Culture, Attachment & Trauma, Historical Trauma, Immigration Trauma, and Military Trauma & the Family.


If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me. If you are interested in applying, please click the link below. The faculty hiring committee is currently reviewing applications!

Job Annoucement (PDF) – administrative-faculty-academic-coordinator-scfp_job-announcement

SCFP Admin Faculty/Academic Coordinator –  Click here to APPLY for this position

-Dr. Bree E. Davis


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