The Difference Between Training and Development

"The front of the jersey..."

TD 1 The Center for Creative Leadership has been studying the development of leaders for over 30 years, which qualifies them to say a thing or two about how to get from A to Z in the pursuit of your own leadership zenith. One consistent topic is the identification of the various types of learning experiences and what constitutes the proper blend.  The Center’s model formula is based on a 70-20-10 model that suggests while experiences dominate the leadership evolution, there is a place for the self-paced personal discovery mode. Not surprising, the majority of learning experiences for a leader come from the informal realm of daily challenges in assignments, including mistakes, ethical questions that abound, and my favorite, horizontal moves. As I have said before, leaders challenge themselves with new experiences , accept being in a learning mode, and avoid a rigid adherence to the familiar.

The CCL distinguishes the challenge…

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