Juvenile Justice and Schools – Just-is what it is

Texas Legal Grind

Parent :  ” My child was arrested at school. The school searched him and made him confess. They did not notify me of what was going on.  He didn’t have a lawyer.  He’s too young to understand his rights.  This must be illegal! How can this happen?”

What you need to know:

Students in Texas, in general, do not have a right to privacy at school like a citizen would elsewhere.  Their lockers are not private, their backpacks are not private, their pockets are not private.  School staff can question them and call law enforcement.  If they believe a criminal act has occurred, law enforcement must take the child to a magistrate (usually a Justice of the Peace) to be informed of his/her rights.  At that time parents must be notified.  The magistrate can actually question the juvenile about the allegations after written notice of the child’s rights have…

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