Filling the Gaps


The Divine Guide Within

In my limited-yet-growing experience of working with clients in a therapeutic setting, I find myself in the stage of trying different techniques and interventions from various theoretical orientations. While I do have a desire to work within a specific theory, my theory of choice would require a long-term therapy commitment.

Given the pace of today’s society, my wager is the use of long-term therapy sessions (meaning a year or more) will fade as short-term sessions (8 weeks to 6+ months) emerge to the forefront of mental health treatment. This has already been happening for clients who rely on insurance plans for payment of services. Time is a precious commodity. Practicality has dictated I become familiar with theories designed for more immediate results.

As an experiential learner I gain understanding through trial and error. While I do not recall the instance I am quite sure a simple “Don’t touch that! It’s hot!”…

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