Violence, Mindfulness

Portland Mindfulness Therapy

I cannot think of any image that is appropriate so I won’t post one.

With great grief, we acknowledge the recent events in our nation, in which innocents have died pointlessly and violently.

It is the way of mindfulness to first feel what we are feeling.  Before any effective external response, comes allowing what we have, to be here.  Allowing our internal sensations, thoughts and feelings to develop, deliberately suspending our tendency to avoid any feeling that is painful, to squelch from within anything we do not like.

What we have is grief and pain.  Let us feel these fully before taking any actions in response to our frustration or anger.

Let us also acknowledge that there is much suffering in the world that gets little attention in our nation, and that there is much we can do to relieve that suffering as well.

Finally, let us practice self-compassion.  Let…

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