Newtown and the Cost of Redemption in America

This picture is so very powerful.

Salvation and Social Justice



How do we explain the situation in Newtown to our parishioners? This senseless murder is indeed a challenge to the faith. Christianity teaches that out of death comes life, misery-joy, darkness-light and void-purpose. The most challenging but glorious part of our faith is the horror of the cross and how it was necessary for the resurrection and redemption of humanity. As we look at the deaths of these young beautiful children and brave educators our only recourse is to rely on our faith. Therefore, this tragedy must have redemptive value, otherwise God has no mercy and redemption has no relevance.

I trust God, the God who brought slaves out of Egyptian oppression to create glorious redemption that far outweighed the suffering. I believe God, the God who sacrificed the only begotten Son so salvation was available to all who believe. I have faith in God, the same God who brought…

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