From ‘Literacy’ to ‘Learning’

Deepak Maun

It has been almost 3 months since I left my job to work on education in rural areas. The experience has been great and I have learnt something about ‘learning’ and ‘education’. Yes, I do believe that our current education system is all crap and is not serving us well. I am all for alternative education but I also believe that we CANNOT scrap this system and jump to the alternative way just like that. I will try to explain this viewpoint some other day. This post is my attempt to answer an important question:

“What can we change within the existing system of education so that kids actually ‘learn’ and not just pass exams…..?”

So, what is the current scenario?

“School level teaching is unable to inspire a satisfactory learning environment and while children move up from one grade to another, they learn little and comprehend even less.”

In such a scenario, h

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