What Is Psychotherapy Really?

Portland Mindfulness Therapy


You’ve seen it in the movies, and chances are good that you’ve been through some of it yourself. But what IS psychotherapy, and why do we seem so fascinated by it in our culture? Is it actually helpful? Do different kinds of therapy actually vary, or is it all really one mushy lump?

Of course you could check out Wikipedia’s entry on psychotherapy for a good deal of information on the subject. Probably more information than you want.

Let’s just get a few basic points down. A list format works well enough for this purpose. And, it might be a bit more fun if we start with myths about psychotherapy, and debunking them with some accurate information. So today we’ll talk about what psychotherapy isn’t. As a sculptor creates a statue, she removes what does not belong until the image emerges from the stone. And we’ll talk a little about…

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