The Palms of my Hands


(This poem was written for a young man who needed to feel his own power)

The Palms of my Hands

By Stacey L. Joy, 2011

Let freedom ring
And let each man’s power sing
Sing into the hearts of children
children who have little hope
hope in a system that fails them daily
daily lack and daily pain
pain from broken promises
promises that crept like the passing of time
time’s change, freedom reigns
reigns when justice leads
leads the people into righteousness
righteousness is the root of character
character determines outcomes
outcomes predict the actions of others
others can’t make me what I am
I’m a grown man
holding the future in the palms of my own hands
hands that have built nations
nations that thrive when I lay foundations
foundations for greatness create wealth
wealth is a state of growth
growth destroys deficiency
deficiency is what they expect

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