Giving your demons a makeover: A beginner’s guide to self-care

Good advice!

The Ellipses Project

By Kathleen S. M.

What is self-care?

If you’re reading this, then, like myself and many others, you’ve probably experienced your share of anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and general mental/emotional unwellness. We’ve all heard the “don’t be afraid to love yourself the way you are!!!” mantra, chanted at us from top-40 tunes and feel-good, coming-of-age dramas. Unfortunately, this can feel like someone trying to give you a high-five while you’re dangling from a cliff: well meaning, but it doesn’t actually supply us with the tools we need to combat the hard stuff. Some of us have developed into our own worst enemies; many of us live in environments that oppress us daily for being who we are. The voices shouting encouragement can seem impossibly far away, often coming from those who are removed from the reality of our struggles. Self-care becomes something turned to out of necessity when no one will…

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